Become A Portsmouth Firefighter

Hiring Process

Individuals interested in applying for position of firefighter are directed to the Department of Human Resources with the City of Portsmouth.  Completed applications may be submitted to the Department of Human Resources during the announced application period.  The following are additional steps in the hiring process (in no particular order) that are required for final Civil Service approval and selection by the Fire Chief:

Disclaimer: Steps and order in the process are under review 

FireFIGHTER/EMT Recruit 

Fire Recruit is the entry level position for those who are just starting their firefighting career, or those who do not meet the certified firefighter requirements. This is the launch pad to start your journey with PFRES. Recruits attend the Hampton Roads Regional Fire Academy where they will learn the foundations of their career. Basic training is given over eleven months providing the necessary certifications to operate safely and effectively on emergency scenes. Upon graduation, the Fire/EMT Recruit is sworn in and serve the rest of their probationary period training at their assigned station.  See the Training Academy for more information.

Experienced Firefighters

Already have previous certifications as a Firefighter and EMT or Paramedic? Join our family where you will rewarded for your knowledge and experience.